Sickö Born From Pain Cement Hoodie

Sickö Born From Pain Cement Hoodie

Sickö Born From Pain is a brand founded by Ian Connor in 2018. Ian Connor is one of the most influential figures in fashion over the last years. Growing up in New York amongst the group of "cool kids" who heavily influenced the current state of modern day streetwear. Skating through the streets of New York and spending their last money on the most coveted designer pieces Ian got his first big breakthrough in 2015 when he got close with Kanye West. He was a stylist for Wiz Khalifa, Kylie Jenner and was very close with Playboi Cart before he became the superstar he is today. Ian faced a fair share of controversy and criticism leading to many public fallouts and scandals. In 2018 he debuted his brand Sicko Bornfrompain. The logo is derived from the Artist Björks album art from 1993 - the same year Ian Connor was born. The pieces are all manufactured in Los Angeles and only limited amounts are made. 

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