KAWS 2017 BFF MoMA Exclusive Blue Companion


KAWS 2017 BFF Blue Companion

 In 2016, KAWS debuted a new character at the Central Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand — a 26-foot tall, bright blue creature called BFF. Featring KAWS’s signature style elements such as the crossed-out eyes, gloved hands, and oversized ears. Unprecedented for the artist is BFF’s furry exterior—reminiscent of the woolly texture of Sesame Street’s Elmo. To celebrate this public installation, KAWS released 1,000 plush versions of the character, which sold out in just two and a half hours. One year later, KAWS designed a vinyl blue BFF in collaboration with MoMA : The Museum of Modern Art. The release of the KAWS BFF figure was met with viral success - even leading to a site of the crash due to the immense traffic.

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