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2016 Supreme Morrissey Grey Photo Tee

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In 2016 Supreme worked together with British Artist Morrissey who is mostly known as the lead singer of “The Smiths”.

The famous lead singer became prominent in music culture during the early 80’s. After the group split up in 1987, Morrissey worked on his own solo career and reached the top 10 multiple times during this period. In the fall of 2015 Supreme did a shoot with Morrissey for their upcoming SS16 season. This anticipated release gained more attention when Morrissey took legal action against Supreme and issued them with a legal caution not to use the image. On his website Morrissey stated this was because Supreme was sponsored by White Castle, a well known beef sandwich company. This is partly untrue considering Supreme just worked together with them on a small capsule collection but is not actually sponsored by them.

Morrissey is a well know advocate for vegetarians and was against them working with White Castle. Supreme ignored the legal caution and the t-shirt ended up releasing after Morrissey didn’t agree to give back the fee he had received for the shoot. Morrissey also took his own picture for the shoot which he wanted them to use instead.





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