2009 Supreme Damien Hirst Box Logo Sticker Set


2009 Supreme Damien Hirst Box Logo Sticker Set

In 2009 Supreme worked together with UK Contemporary Artist Damien Hirst.
Within his wide variety of art disciplines Hirst explores the dual complexity and simplicity of life.
Often times depicting death in his works of art.
In 2009 the Artist considered to be the wealthiest in the UK with a net worth estimated over $270 Million worked with Supreme on a holiday collection.
The collaboration is know for the famous decks a box logo t-shirt and this sticker set.
The Supreme stickers feature signature Damien Hirst style elements. One of the 3 stickers of the full set is signed by Damien Hirst himself. 
A decade after the crossing of these two living cultural breeds this t-shirt is representative of this collection where a New York skate brand and a UK Artist made a very memorable iconic collaboration.

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