Louis Vuitton x Kanye West 2009 DON Black


Louis Vuitton x Kanye West 2009 DON Black

In 2009 Music Artist and fashion visionary- Kanye West made history.
Working together with Marc Jacobs, Kanye released his own sneaker with Louis Vuitton. The collaboration was announced during Paris Fashion week where Kanye attended the runway show. This shoe is very significant in the development of the crossover between high end fashion and streetwear culture. This crossing of two conglomerates in their respective industries paved the way for the emerging generation of creatives. In 2012, Kanye made history again as the first ever non-athlete to get a shoe deal with Nike. 6 years later in 2018 Kanye’s prodigy Virgil Abloh - who can be seen in the background of the TV interview back in 2009 - was named Creative Director for Louis Vuitton. This shoe doesn’t just hold the intrinsic value of the exclusivity and design - it symbolises the inception of a blurring line between high end fashion and streetwear while giving Artists their power and influence of collaborations and owning their designs and ideas.


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