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2000 Supreme Gucci Black Box Logo Tee

Sale price$2,723.00

In the year 2000 Supreme released their signature box logo tee design with a specific reference to Italian high end fashion brand Gucci. The red green and beige colour utilisation is a direct copy and reference to the famous Italian brand. The design can be interpreted in multiple ways - it can be seen as a sign of paying homage to the fashion conglomerates however considering Supreme’s status as a pure skate cult brand with a rebellious nature and “fuck you we do what we want” slogan ideology - this design is much rather interpreted as a tongue in cheek mocking of the fashion world. This wasn’t the first time Supreme used a luxury brand’s signature style for their box logo tee design - only three years prior in 1997 Supreme used the Burberry nova checkered pattern on a box logo tee and three years later in the same year as this Gucci Box Logo they also copied the famous Louis Vuitton monogram - which they were almost sued for by LV after receiving a cease and desist. Ironically enough Supreme worked together with Louis Vuitton 17 years later in one of the most luxurious and hyped brand collaborations ever in the summer of 2017 followed by another official Burberry collaboration in 2022. There have speculations about a possible official collaboration with Gucci but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.



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