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2000 Supreme LV Monogram Black Box Logo Tee

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In 2000, Supreme used the famous Louis Vuitton monogram print on one of their box logo designs and skate decks. Supreme replaced the “LV” with their own “S” on the famous brown monogram for their spring summer season. This design could be interpreted as a sign of paying homage to the French luxury brand. However, considering the counter culture rebellious identity of the New York skate brand this was a “tongue in cheek” design choice. Placing the historic conservative Louis Vuitton in the context of a new, fresh, anti-conservative, rebellious - “fuck you we do what we want” - slogan skate brand. As a result of this design, Supreme quickly received a cease and desist letter from Louis Vuittons lawyers. They were forced to remove all merchandise immediately. The few pieces that did slip through before they had to remove all stock are extremely hard to find. Especially considering Supreme was a relatively small brand at the time with small quantities to begin with. In 2017, Supreme worked together with Louis Vuitton and became the first ever streetwear brand to make it to the runway. This collaboration is one of the most high end luxurious and hyped collaborations ever. Pop Up Stores planned for the release got shut down because of the immense amount of people that came to wait in line. Multiple pieces from this collaboration have hit the six figure mark in value. Over two decades later, the Supreme Louis Vuitton monogram Box Logo T-Shirt from 2000 is one of the most rare and iconic pieces ever released by Supreme. It forever represents the roots of the brand and their perfect execution of balancing on the thin line between paying homage to fashion culture while simultaneously rebelliously mocking it carelessly.





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2000 Supreme LV Monogram Black Box Logo Tee
2000 Supreme LV Monogram Black Box Logo Tee Sale price$1,661.00