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1999 Supreme Jackson Pollock Blue Box Logo Tee

Sale price$1,093.00

In 1999 Supreme brought out one of their most famous,renowned and iconic box logos ever.
The Jackson Pollock box logo, named after the famous Abstract Expressionism painter Jackson Pollock.
This box logo t-shirt features the signature ‘drip painting’ pattern pollock became famous for during and after his lifetime.
Much like Supreme as a brand, Pollockf drew strong ties with the city of New York and became a cultural phenomenon.
The print used on the shirt is most resemblant of pollock painting “convergence” (1952). This art work was made during the cold war between USA and Russia. The painting indicates freedom of speech during a moment of crisis. This even resulted in the CIA taking interest in the art of the painter and sponsoring it. Despite all the succes, the famous painter known for his reclusive personality struggled with alcoholism.
In 1956 Jackson Pollock died in an alcohol-related car crash.
Pollock died early at 44, but his work lives on.
43 years after his death, Supreme adopted the famous Jackson Pollock pattern and released a small collection of box logo t-shirts.
21 years after the initial release, a Jackson Pollock box logo is one of the hardest pieces to find due to age,scarcity and the immense popularity.
Given the sheer age and cultural prominence a piece like this can be regarded as modern day art while it was merely a Skate Tee at the inception of the piece 20 years ago.



1999 Supreme Jackson Pollock Blue Box Logo Tee
1999 Supreme Jackson Pollock Blue Box Logo Tee Sale price$1,093.00
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