1998 Supreme BAPE Fire Camo Box Logo Tee


In 1998 The New York skate brand Supreme collaborated with Nigo’s Japan based brand A Bathing Ape.
The collection was based on the classic supreme box logo t-shirt with additionally incorporated style elements signature to the BAPE brand such as the iconic bape camo and the small ape on the left side of the t-shirt.
The logo design exists out of four different camo shades of blue ranging from dark navy blue to light baby blue.
This blue bape box logo tee is regarded as one of the most rare and sought after pieces ever. The 22 year old piece is extremely hard to come by given its age,popularity,cultural significance and scarcity.
21 years later, this piece resembles a sheer foundation of the two biggest and most iconic brands in streetwear fashion and general modern day culture.
Both brands were early adopters of each other and simultaneously grew out as mega labels.
In 2011, BAPE was sold for (only) $2.8 Million dollars.
In 2014, Supreme was purchased for 50 % for $500 Million dollars.
After nearly 21 years, this collaboration between two iconic brands is considered to be one of the most rare,special and captivating ever put out.

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