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1995 Supreme 1st Anniversary Camo Box Logo Crewneck

Sale price$10,920.00

1995 Supreme 1st Anniversary Camo Box Logo Crewneck

In 1994 Supreme opened its first Shop in Lafayette street, New York and became a staple in modern day culture catering to skate, hip hop, punk and youth culture. 
Supreme NYC formed a strong contrast against the new 90’s New York conservatism. Changing a culture as we know it, Supreme kept emerging as a premier streetwear and lifestyle brand. With its anti-corporate rebellious “Fuck You, we do what we want” identity Supreme formed a bilingual dynamic with culture and fashion growing into a cult brand. In 2014 Supreme was officially valued at $1,000,000,000 (Billion) Dollars. 50 % was sold for $500,000,000 (Million). And most recently the brand was valued at $2.1 Billion. This exact crewneck was released by Supreme in 1995 solidifying its one year existence. A grey sweatshirt with a camo styled stitched box logo. Every single box logo is unique due to the lack of mass production technology 27 years ago. On the rear end, “New York” is stitched in white. Very few pieces were produced. The vast majority of them are either totally destroyed, lost or in the hands of people who will never ever sell it. No other piece is so far away yet so close to the brands identity. 28 years and counting.