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1998 Supreme Grid Daikanyama Box Logo Tee

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In 1998 Supreme opened its first Japan store in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
After the the first Supreme store on Lafayette street, New York in 1994 the New York skate and cult brand began to expand in Japan.
This marked a very significant crossing in time as it formed a new cultural breeding ground for Japanese art and streetwear fanatics.
The iconic opening is captured in this opening store box logo t-shirt.
Commonly referred to as the the “Grid Box Logo” this 1998 opening store tee is an exceptionally rare and significant piece.
The box logo design on this piece is highly influenced by the fast paced digital revolution at the end of the 90’s leading up to the new millennium.
The grid white lines with the blue crop marks in each corner - with a nice little cursor detail - depict a typical interface of any photoshop program leaving an unfinished “in progress” impression.
Out of all the pieces ever released this Grid Daikanyama Box Logo opening tee is one of the most rare, scarce and hardest to find ever.
This piece embodies a very significant important and noteworthy time in history.
The Daikanyama store allowed the brand to further prosper in new areas and subcultures.
In 2004 Supreme opened their second US based store in Los Angeles which was later followed by another Brooklyn store opening late 2017.
Japan saw a total increase to 6 stores with three new additions being 2006 Harajuku, 2008 Nagoya and 2012 Shibuya.
Europe saw its first store back in 2011 in London, UK.
In 2016 Supreme opened another store in Paris, France.
This global expansion all knows its inception from this first Japan store outside of New York.





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