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DUKESARCHIVE © is a deep and carefully sourced Archive centered around the best pieces within the contemporary space of Art and fashion.

What started as a hobby and personal fascination of coveted pieces of clothing turned into a global community of people who share the same love and passion for these hard to find items. Thanks to the quick acceleration strength of this community, we were able to organize several International pops up and midterm stores in Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Antwerp and Knokke. 

Our catalog ranges from vintage tees to six figure Art works, with a deep focus on offering the best curation on each level. Every piece holds a unique story, and we feel it is our responsibility to keep these narratives alive. That's why we invest so much time in writing out full paragraphs explaining the significance of every piece, and have even designed our own glass frames to present the best pieces in our partners physical locations all over the world.