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Sickö Born From Pain T Rex Global Japan Exclusive Longsleeve

Sale price€150,00

Sickö Born From Pain is a brand founded by Ian Connor in 2018. This longsleeve comes from a collaboration between Sicko and T Rex Global during their Japan pop up. Tyler Rexesien who goes as T-Rex is a contemporary Artists with a unique style charactirized by the signature devilish figures. These figures act as metaphor for the hidden self destruction within society. In his Art T-Rex holds a consistent theme of red painted women with horns. T-Rex mentioned that the idea of painting devilish characters came from using first painful relationship with his first girlfriend as a muse. He explained that as he continues to work on the trauma from his past relationship, a more general sense of what these characters stand for begins to flourish, allowing him to work on his paintings and his mental health. These devilish characters, ironically, have almost become guardian angels. This piece was exclusively available in Japan and sold out fast.