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Palace White Black Trifeng Logo Hoodie

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Palace is a London based skateboarding and clothing brand founded in 2009. The brand is founded by Levent Tanju and his skate team : “I had a gap decade after college, just skating and doing fun shit. Then one day I decided that I was a bum and I had to do something. I started designing some board graphics for people I live with. Then half way through designing them I thought to myself that maybe I should just start a skate company," - Palace quickly became a staple amongst the London streetwear scene and later on emerged to a global brand. Palace is mostly recognised by its signature Tri Ferg logo. Designed by Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell, an acclaimed graphic designer known in the London skate and fashion scene, who had previously collaborated with Stussy and Marc Jacobs. Purcell was inspired by the iconic Penrose Triangle by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd. According to the geometry texts, the Penrose triangle or impossible triangle is an impossible object, that can exist only as a two-dimensional representation and cannot be constructed in space, since it presents an impossible superposition of lines with different perspective constructions. This optical illusion gave the sensation of being infinite. "It looks like it’s endlessly cycling, and so I wanted to take that kind of feeling; to make a logo that had connotations of the infinite and of constant flux and movement. The shape is kind of dynamic. It won’t sit still because it’s impossible on the flat surface, so it’s got movement built into it, that’s why I chose that specifically as the triangle"


Palace White Black Trifeng Logo Hoodie
Palace White Black Trifeng Logo Hoodie Sale price€85,00