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Nike x Off-White Presto White

In 2017 Virgil Abloh re-invented 10 classic Nike Silhouettes in a collaboration between Nike and Off-White known as “The Ten”.  Virgil took the iconic Nike silhouettes and redesigned the entire shoe with various style elements that would become part of his signature style language throughout various collaborations and designs. “The Ten” sold out in seconds and instantly became one of the most coveted releases in years. The collection shaped streetwear and high end fashion as we know it today and is known as one of the most iconic collaborations of the decade. Known for his tremendous work ethic and highly productive output Virgil worked at an unprecedented pace. In an interview Shamees Aden, a Nike designer who worked on the project said this was Nike’s fastest development process ever. It usually takes around 18-24 months to develop one model. They completed this in 10 months communicating primarily via Virgils preferred method of communication - Whatsapp. On November 27th 2021 Virgil Abloh sadly passed away. It was revealed he was battling cancer which he choose to keep private. Knowing his time was limited Virgil Abloh produced at an incredible pace and is an influence to an entire generation even after his passing.