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2016 Supreme Cow Camo Box Logo Hoodie

Sale price€750,00

In the fall/winter of 2016 Supreme released their most annually coveted item. The Supreme Box Logo Hoodies. This release marked the last release known to date of the classic colourway hoodies such as Black on Black, Red on Grey, Red on Red, Red on Navy and Red on White. Given its tradition, Supreme introduced three new colourways : Peach,Sage and this Cow Camo print. Its the 5th and last camouflaged box logo after previous releases of F/W ‘12 Duck Camo, F/W ‘13 Urban & Snow Camo and the F/W ‘15 Woodland Camo. The Cow Camo consists out of three colour elements including Black, White and a specific Brown.
It is on of the most memorable colour ways of the Fall/Winter collection and will never come out again.