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2014 Supreme USA Flag Box Logo Hoodie

Sale price€850,00

In the Fall / Winter of 2014 Supreme dropped their annual collection of signature box logo hoodies. Arguably the most coveted piece every year, Supreme always finds new ways to push design with their creativity. In 2014 they created special tonal box logos in addition to this crazy USA print. The United States flag consists out of 13 stripes and 50 stars in white/blue. The red/white stars reference the 13 British colonies. And the 50 stars the current 50 states. This print is one of the most iconic and meaningful prints possible - therefore very interesting that Supreme choose to use this print. Supreme has a rebellious identity and often times expressed their controversial anti governmental designs. In addition to this they occasionally put interesting quotes on their store receipts such as “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” which was a famous quote by 3th president of the United States - Thomas Jefferson. Despite being against some people in who are in power of their country - Supreme does not deny its own identity and expresses this by using the USA Flag on their most coveted piece of the year. 6 years later and this piece has become very hard to find - especially in this immaculate condition. It is as good as new and has zero fading which is almost impossible to find.