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2014 Supreme Unreleased Mo Wax Box Logo Tee

Sale price€3.000,00

In the late fall of 2014 James Lavelle - the owner of Trip Hop and alernative Hip Hop label, Mo’ Wax - hosted a “Build and Destroy” exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery in London for the 21st anniversary of the labels existence.
In this gallery James invited all important influences in the labels history, one of the most noteworthy being Supreme.
Supreme and Mo Wax solidified this special moment in the form of a Supreme Mo Wax box logo tee featuring the Mo Wax camo design on the iconic Supreme box logo.
The t-shirt was limited to an extreme scarce amount of only 50 pieces available at the event and only an estimated 12 in this particular size.
The tee never released online or in store making this a very hard piece to get your hands on.
In addition to the limited quantity, the vast majority of people who own this piece have it stored away and would never sell it.
One of the few owners of this piece is the famous Rap Artist A$AP Rocky who was seen wearing the tee in addition to an exclusive selection of limited edition Goyard.
This Mo Wax Supreme Box Logo reshaped the context in which we perceptiate pieces like this.
Given its cultural identity and low quantity this can be considered as a piece of art.
It will forever be considered as one of the most rare,scarce and exclusive box logos ever released by Supreme.