2012 Supreme Unreleased Purple Three 6 Mafia Box Logo Tee


In 2012 Supreme worked together with Legendary hip hop group ‘3 6 Mafia’. The iconic Memphis hip hop tribe with Juicy J and DJ Paul as main artists served as pioneers in the early 2000’s for a new style of hip hop and paved the way for many well known artists in todays music landscape.
Their rhythmically dark yet upbeat approach in their musical composition didn’t just influence music, it changed the way we experience Rap and Hip Hop music as we know it.
After working with other iconic figures in modern day culture such as Raekwon, Dipset, Prodigy and Mike Tyson - Supreme finally worked with 3 6 Mafia in 2012 for a photo t-shirt.
Exclusively for this photo shoot of the iconic duo Supreme made a Purple on White Box Logo.
The purposeful use of purple is a direct reference to Lean / Codeine which was heavily popularised by 3 6 Mafia.
The t-shirt features a very specific font unique to its kind.
Its the modern day font with a subtlety thickened outer-line.
Supreme exclusively made these purple on white box logo t-shirts for 3 6 Mafia and their acquaintances.
These were made in sizes XL, 2XL and 3XL.
printed on Murina blanks, a supplier at the time. Normally, Supreme never made 3XL.
This 3XL was the biggest size made and was present at the iconic photo shoot.
It was not the one worn by Juicy J, which is rumoured to have a Lean Stain.
There are only believed to be 4 of these 3XXXL in the world.
I was able to obtain one of these from a very reliable source linked to the photo shoot.
Given the fact that these were only made for people within the photo shoot back in 2012 its one of the most rare, obscure and hardest to find pieces ever.
This piece transcends itself in its physical being as a “T-Shirt : layer to cover the upper body” and symbolises something much more meaningful.
This piece captures a moment in time that is indistinguishable irreversible and undeniably important in modern day culture.

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