2012 Supreme Acid Box Logo Hoodie


In 2012 Supreme returned to their tradition of bringing out the signature box logo hoodies.
As in recent tradition, these hoodies came in a variety of basic colourways such as Black, White, Red, Navy and Grey.
However, these were not the only ones released.
This year saw a new introduction to certain colours and prints.
In this year, a Duck Camo and this notorious Acid Colourway was released in addition to the other hoodies.
The screaming colourway caused a lot of controversy upon the release day.
A lot of people deemed this as “unwearable”, “ugly” and as a result, this Acid was the only colourway left in store at the end of the day.
In the mean time, this Acid Hoodie has received recognition from a multitude of prominent figured such as Travis Scott and Lil Yachty who famously wore it on his No Jumber debut interview back in 2016.
Six years after the release, this hoodie is one of the more polarizing critically acclaimed box logos that ever released.
However, a true irreplaceable classic.

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