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2009 Supreme Lou Reed White Photo Tee

Sale price€350,00

In 2009 Supreme worked together with iconic singer Lou Reed.
The Velvet Underground lead singer was known for his distinctive dead pan voice, poetic and transgressive lyrics and experimental guitar playing. During his career Reed was responsible for numerous hits such as “Walk on the Wild Side”, “Perfect Day” and  “Pale Blue Eyes”.  Lou Reed became the 5th person to appear on a Supreme photo tee. After Raekwon, Dipset, Mike Tyson and Kermit Lou Reed joined the group of people to be on the signature Supreme photo tee. 4 years later, on October 27th 2013 Lou Reed passed away due to a liver disease in his New York appartement at 71 years old. Even after his death, Lou Reeds legacy and discography keep his spirit alive.