2004 Supreme Los Angeles Hebrew Box Logo Tee


In 2004 Supreme opened its Fifth store worldwide and second store in the US.
After the first ever store in New York, Supreme opened up in Los Angeles on the famous Fairfax street.
This opening came 9 years after the New York store in Lafayette street and 6 years after the expantion to Japan.
The box logo tee features a Hebrew script font. This is a reference to the large Jewish population is Los Angeles, California and reflects Supremes cultural identity of diversity.
On the back, the Address location of the store “439 N Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036” is spelled out in gold letters.
The box logo tee was exclusively available in Los Angeles during the opening in 2004.
17 years after the opening this t-shirt is very hard to find and one of the most rare opening tee’s ever.

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