2000 Supreme Gucci Black Box Logo Tee
2000 Supreme Gucci Black Box Logo Tee
2000 Supreme Gucci Black Box Logo Tee

2000 Supreme Gucci Black Box Logo Tee

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In the year 2000 Supreme released a Box Logo in the signature red and green colourways of the Italian high end fashion luxury brand Gucci.
This was just one of their many references to high end brands in their box logos designs.
Previously they did Burberry, Louis Vuitton - which they were sued for - and now Gucci.
This box logo can be seen as both a tribute to gucci, however it can also be viewed as a protest against the fashion industry giant.
Supreme was known for their anti corporate approach and “fuck you we do what we want” slogan.
20 years after this piece was released, its one of the most famous, and signature box logos in Supreme’s history.
This marked a very important moment in the history of the brand as it was one of their most iconic box logo releases ever.
Now, 20 years later this t-shirt has become one of the most rare, special and most hard to find box logos.
20 years later, and this specific piece is in near Deadstock condition.
The print is 100 % Flawless which is a true myth to find.

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