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1997 Supreme Barbara Kruger Black Graphic Tee

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1997 Supreme Barbara Kruger 

 In 1997, Supreme released a t-shirt featuring a famous graphic by American conceptual Artist Barbara Kruger. This is one of the most old, scarce and captivating pieces ever released by the brand. The original graphic made in 1987 reads “I Shop Therefore I Am”. Barbara Kruger is a pioneer on the surface of using techniques of mass communication and advertising to explore gender and identity. A big part of her work consists out of photographs paired with clever and assertive text that challenges the viewer. This is evident in her most notable slogans including “your body is a battleground” - “you are not yourself” and “we don’t need another hero”. Most of her work deals with provocative topics like feminism, consumerism and individual autonomy and desire, frequently appropriating images from mainstream magazines and using her bold phrases to frame them in a new context. Her work is typified by the consistent use of the red logo and font. This is the same style that is used by Supreme years after her first works came out. James Jebbia, owner of Supreme has said that the logo was taken from Krugers work. Ironically enough, the logo of brand that some portray as the poster child of consumerism and hype culture is inspired by an Artist criticising these values in here work.