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NUMBER (N)INE 2004 Black Skull Track Top Jacket

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NUMBER NINE 2004 Skull Jacket. Designed by Takahiro Miyashita

Number (N)ine is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Takahiro Miyashita.
Miyashita, born in Tokyo in 1973, first came to the United States at 16 and was immediately enamored by Americana style and culture. He landed a job with Keizo Shimizu's Nepenthes, the neo-Japanese-Americana parent company of Needles. 
More frequent visits to the United States helped Miyashita form his affinity for American Culture. In 1997 Takahiro founded Number (N)ine, he drew the most inspiration from his two passions, music and Americana. The name is derived from "Revolution 9" the Beatles 1968 self titled album commonly reffered to as The White Album. As John Lennon put it "Revolution 9 was an unconscious picture of what I actually think will happen when it happens; just like a drawing of a revolution". The same feeling encaptulated by John Lennon on the song can be found throughout the designs of Miyashita. The appeal of Number (N)ine manifests itself as part-cultural narrative and part-complicated beauty. Tongue-in-cheek yet cerebral enough to be attractive. Multiple succesful outputs of captivating pieces puts Takahiro's name next to all the other great designers from Japan such as Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, Nigo, Jun Takahashi and many more. In 2009, Takahiro Miyashita stepped away from Number (N)ine, presenting his last collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 titeld "A Closed Feeling.





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