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Kapital Mini Skirts Forever Trucker Cap

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Kapital Mini Skirts Forever Trucker Hat

Kapital is a Japanese brand founded by Toshikiyo Hirata in 1984. Toshikiyo Hirata discovered his love for American denim while teaching Karate in the United States. When he returned to Japan, Toshikiyo started working on producing his own denim. In 1984 Toshikiyo opened his first factory with his own denim. Kapital has a true curiousity and passion for fabrics at its core. This is evident in all pieces created by the brand. There is a distinctive look and feel attached to the brand that is hard to encapsulate in a short summary. Although the pieces are brand new and never used it looks and feels as if they have an entire life behind them. Author and fan of the brand David Sedaris describes the pieces as "New but appear to have been previously worn, perhaps by someone who was shot or stabbed and then thrown off a boat. Everything looks as if it had been pulled from the evidence rack at a murder trial.” Kapital is mostly known for its indigo denim work and use of unorthodox silhouettes. The brand is responsible for a series of trends such as the famous skeleton bone prints, the paisley bandana patterns and use of smiley face icons that are all extremely popular and present nowadays.




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