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Goyard is a French trunk and leather goods maker originally founded by Pierre-François Martin in 1792 as the House of Martin. In 1853 the brand officially went as Goyard.

With a deep history Goyard is the oldest luxury brand of its kind.
The creation of the Goyardine canvas was revolutionary in the trunk-making industry. Created with a coated cloth blending linen and cotton, similar in appearance to leather, the Goyardine canvas’ durability, together with its soft, lightweight, and waterproof qualities, proved to be a true technical innovation at a time when other trunk-makers were only using plain linen cloth. The monogram pays homage to the Goyard family heritage. The dots on the fabric create three adjacent chevrons forming the letter "Y" - the central letter in the Goyard family name. The piled dot pattern is meant to represent log stacks, referencing the Goyard family’s former log-driving trade. Goyard has a certain secrecy at its core. The brand does not sell online, they don't advertise and they also don't grant interviews. 

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