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Needles is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Keizo Shimizu in 1977. 

The roots of the brand can be found in 1960's American style with a new unique Japanese style element. Keizo uses American silhoutess and influences mixed with a Japanese perspective. Everything is designed and produced in Japan, guaranteeing a high and carefully sourced level of quality and attention to detail.
Before founding Needles Shimizu founded Nepenthes : a Japanese distribution company that specialized in US goods.
He expanded this company from Japan to New York and opened a physical Nepenthes store. After this Needles was born as a parent company. A highly popular piece is the Needles tracksuit. The casual sport style silhoutte contrasted by the high quality fabric and cut make for an interesting merging of two different influences. Another piece thats often times reffered to when talking about Needles is the "Needles Rebuild" collection which uses old garments to create newly constructed pieces. The brand has gained a new level of popularity over the last few years. In 2018 A$AP Rocky co-signed the brand which resulted in a collaboration between needles and AWGE.

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Sold outNeedles Dark Purple Red Track TopNeedles Dark Purple Red Track Top
Needles Dark Purple Red Track Top
Sale price€250,00
Sold outNeedles Purple Navy Track TopNeedles Purple Navy Track Top
Needles Purple Navy Track Top
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Needles Purple Navy TrackpantsNeedles Purple Navy Trackpants
Needles Purple Navy Trackpants
Sale price€175,00
Needles Red TrackpantsNeedles Red Trackpants
Needles Red Trackpants
Sale price€175,00
Needles Velour Burnt Orange Track TopNeedles Velour Burnt Orange Track Top
Needles Velour Burnt Orange Track Top
Sale price€200,00
Needles Velour Navy Burgundy Track TopNeedles Velour Navy Burgundy Track Top
Needles x AWGE Green Track TopNeedles x AWGE Green Track Top
Needles x AWGE Green Track Top
Sale price€250,00