Corteiz Silver Nylon Trackpants


Corteiz Silver Nylon Trackpants

Corteiz is a London based streetwear brand. In a relatively short period of time Corteiz has gained mass notoriety within fashion and street culture. The brands idiom of freedom and non-conformity has helped them create an authentic relationship with youth culture. Their logo is a print of Alcatraz - an island located in San Francisco Bay formally known as the ultimate maximum security prison from 1934 till 1963. Corteiz is rooted in London street culture and has a mysterious "if you know, you know" appeal with their official instagram being private and spontanious online drops with a sign up password system. Clint, the founder of Corteiz doesn't do press neither does the brand pay for advertising. Instead, Corteiz is known for its genius and innovative marketing stunts like "Da Great BOLO exchange". In January 2022, Clint announced on twitter "Da Great BOLO Exchange" where the first 50 people to show up at the secret location would get a unreleased Corteiz Bolo puffer in exchange for a The North Face, Supreme, Moncler, Canada Goose or any other certified jackets. Hundreds of people were seen running through the streets of London in an attempt to obtain this highly coveted BOLO puffer jacket. After the exchange Corteiz donated all jackets to a homeless shelter. The total value of the pieces was estimated around 16.000 GBP. This speaks volumes to the brands involvement in the community and giving back. The brand is one of the most popular and sought after brands at the moment.

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