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2017 Supreme x Louis Vuitton Navy Denim Baseball Jersey

Sale price$7,125.00

In 2017 Supreme collaborated with French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. 
This came 17 years after the same company filed a lawsuit against supreme for imitating their signature monogram in one of their collections back in early 2000.
This collaboration between Supreme and LV formed a milestone in both streetwear and high end fashion. 
This was the first time ever a skate brand was featured on the runway. 
This unconventional happening caused a lot of speculation, anticipation and hype leading up to the official release of this unique collection.
On the date of release all items sold out instantly and a lot of hectic situations occurred.
As a result of this, some planned pop ups preemptively got shut down.
This piece brought different worlds together and is collectively seen as one of the most luxurious collaborations supreme has ever participated in.
This specific piece is one of the most exclusive and luxurious items released. 
The baseball denim is made out of high quality Louis Vuitton material, designed with the signature Supreme logo print.
This baseball denim is a size XS, however it fits true to a normal size Medium/Large.